Exhale Reflexology specializes in mobile, in-home reflexology services that can help you start your personal healing process.

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Relaxing reflexology for your feet

Exhale Reflexology Pricing and Services

Initial Reflexology Treatment
$65.00 Per Individual

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Exhale Reflexology first time treatments are unique because we take the time to get to know our clients and their feet. We are able to address health concerns and discuss what expectations are.  Exhale’s initial treatment includes:

  • Mobile Service – Performed in the Comfort of Your Home
  • Personal Foot Assessment
  • Consultation on the Benefits of Reflexology
  • Complete One Hour Reflexology Treatment

Exhale Reflexology – Three Treat for Your Feet
3 Reflexology Treatments for $185

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If there is a health concern that needs to be addressed or if you just want to feel more energized by encouraging natural health, three reflexology sessions is the ideal amount to feel an overall difference in your well-being. The Exhale Reflexology special includes:

  • Initial Reflexology Treatment
  • Two Full One Hour Reflexology Sessions

Reflexology Party Nights
Varies Per Party (Number of people and length of individual reflexology sessions)

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An excuse to unwind with some amazing benefits. Reflexology is a fabulous way to introduce a relaxing, alternative treatment to your friends and family while giving their body a chance to heal itself naturally while feeling total rejuvenation.

  • Reflexology Party Nights can include up to eight people
  • Sessions are 1 hour per person (up to four people), or half and hour per person (up to eight people)
  • Each person in the party receives a foot assessment, treatment and relaxing massage
  • Reflexology Parties can be tailored to an individual or group requests

Reflexology Romance for Couples
$105.00 Per Couple

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Connect with your partner in a new and intimate fashion. Exhale Reflexology is excited to offer couples an instructional session on relaxing, reflexology foot massage.

Each partner will have hands on instruction provided by a certified reflexologist while guiding you through the sensual steps of touch therapy. Reflexology Romance is offered for one to five couples and includes:

  • How to instructional guide for providing relaxing reflexology foot massage for each person
  • Each person will receive a reflexology foot massage from their partner, guided by a certified reflexologist
  • Assessments for each person to identify special conditions and techniques to help in their own personal relaxation

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Certified Reflexologist in Winnipeg

Exhale Reflexology offers in-home, mobile service to the Winnipeg area. Exhale Reflexology is currently accepting appointments as well as new clients.

Contact Exhale Reflexology to find out how this relaxing, all-natural therapy can help you with your aches and pains.

Phone: (204) 470 5269

Reflexology Helps Pregnancy

Reflexology is a safe and natural way to help with so many health concerns due to pregnancy and conception.

Read about using reflexology to help with pregnancy health and call us at (204) 470-5269 or email to book your Exhale Reflexology session today!

Manitoba Blue Cross Direct Billing

Exhale Reflexology is pleased to offer direct billing to Manitoba Blue Cross plans that include reflexology.

To find out if your Blue Cross Plan includes reflexology visit Manitoba Blue Cross.

To book your appointment and have direct billing applied, visit our booking page.

What happens in an Exhale Reflexology treatment?

Exhale Reflexology will complete a health record along with an in-depth assessment of your feet. The reflexology treatment will begin with a comforting massage to stimulate circulation. A more concise pressure is then applied to specific reflexes of the feet, depending on your individual needs for therapy.

The treatment lasts about an hour and will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and sometimes even sleepy.

Reflexology for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common diagnosis for pains in the heel, foot arch or tight feeling in the calves. It is caused from inflammation of the plantar fascia along the bottom of your foot.

Reflexology can help by relieving the pain of plantar fasciitis by relaxing and stretching muscles and ligaments in the feet. Circulation to the foot and lower leg is improved by reflexology therapy. Most people experience less pain and improved mobility when walking or standing after three to six reflexology sessions.

Contact Exhale Reflexology today for a consultation on how reflexology can help your aches and pains.

Now Accepting Visa and Mastercard

Exhale Reflexology is happy to announce that we are now accepting secured Visa and Mastercard payments through Square.

What are the benefits of reflexology?

Reflexology can assist in natural healing, and has benefits that improve digestion, better sleep, reduced back and neck pain as well as an overall sense of relaxation.

Some specific conditions can be targeted and assisted with reflexology. Ask us about any certain conditions you have and how reflexology can help.

Exhale Reflexology Gift Certificates

Now you can give the relaxing and healing gift of reflexology! Gift certificates are now available from Exhale Reflexology.

Give the enjoyment of a single reflexology treatment or a package of three. Contact Exhale Reflexology today to order yours.

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